Welcome to the
Minnesota Nature Photography Club

The Minnesota Nature Photography Club was founded in 1956. Its purposes are: continuing education in the art, science and technique of nature photography; evaluation of members’ photography; appreciation and enjoyment of the outdoors; and fellowship. The Club is affiliated with the Photographic Society of America (PSA) and the Twin Cities Area Council of Camera Clubs (TCACCC).

Please join us at our monthly meeting at the REI store in Bloomington, on the third Wednesday, September Through May. Visitors are always welcome.

  • Crex Morning Rays
    Crex Morning Rays
    Deanne Probst
  • Curves and Color
    Curves and Color
    Eric Gustafson
  • Badlands Bison
    Badlands Bison
    David Heemsbergen
  • Close Encounter Moose Alaska
    Close Encounter Moose Alaska
    Karl Fiegenschuh
  • Golden Light Eared Grebe
    Golden Light Eared Grebe
    Joe Fierst
  • Lava Field 7568
    Lava Field 7568
    Rick Graves
  • Bald Eagle in Flight
    Bald Eagle in Flight
    Dee Hunnisett-Dritz
  • Black-Throated Green Warbler
    Black-Throated Green Warbler
    Paul Kammen
  • Crested Duck in Waves
    Crested Duck in Waves
    Alan Schulz
  • Great Egret
    Great Egret
    Mike Sweet
  • Hoarfrost at Woodlake
    Hoarfrost at Woodlake
    Diane Herman
  • Eagle Juvy with Fish
    Eagle Juvy with Fish
    David Heemsberger
  • Grebe Family
    Grebe Family
    Karl Fiegenschuh
  • Early Morning Pacific Loon
    Early Morning Pacific Loon
    Joe Fierst
  • Cold Ducks 9207
    Cold Ducks 9207
    Rick Graves
  • Woody in Flight
    Woody in Flight
    Don Specht
  • Red Leaf at Bond
    Red Leaf at Bond
    Kathy Bishop