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Updated: 04-06-2014


The “MNNature” Yahoo group is for discussion of club matters (including meetings and field trips) and other nature photography topics, among club members and others. It is in a group discussion format, so that messages sent to the group address go to all the group members (147, as of this writing). And if you get the group emails, be careful when you reply and be aware that your message will go to the entire group rather than just the individual.

To join, go to the group homepage Group membership requests must be approved by a moderator (to keep spammers out), and when you join you can decide whether you would like to receive individual messages or daily digests, or receive no email but simply access group messages (and photos, files, links etc) at the group site.

Yahoo group website access requires that one “join” with a Yahoo! ID. But if you prefer to “subscribe” to MNNature for sending and receiving emails only and not sign up for a Yahoo! account (i.e. no web access), that is another option that I can help you set up. Please contact Linda Nygren at a club meeting, or email to the moderator if you need assistance.