Competition Submission Guidelines

Requirements for Preparing and Submitting Digital Images

Members may enter a maximum of two images into each competition.

Email your one or two images to before 6:00 PM the Sunday before the meeting – the earlier the better to allow for the proper archiving and presentation of your image.

Digital images need to be in the following format to be accepted:

  • Computer adjustments to any image must comply with PSA rules for “Digital Images”
  • JPEG file format (.jpg)
  • Image size; minimum 1024 pixels, maximum 1280 pixels along the longest dimension.
  • Use the sRGB color space since that is how they will be displayed. If you are not familiar with the concept of color space, don’t worry about it.
  • File name for each image should be the image number (a 1 for the first image and a 2 for the second), your personal 3-digit identification number* followed by a 12-letter image title, and then a category designation of (w), (z), (b), or (g).
    • For all zoology images that contain as their main subject any aspect of wildlife (mammals, birds, fish, insects, arthropods, reptiles, amphibians, crustaceans and the like) AND they are subjects that are free-living, unrestrained, non-captive, non-rehab, non-zoo, non-game farm subjects, after the image title place a (w). For example: Bald Eagles Dueling (w). For any images with the main subject being the former but they are NOT free-living and unrestrained, after the title place a (z) for zoology. For example: Great Horned Owl Portrait (z) if shot for example at the Raptor Center. For all images with the main subject being botanical in nature place a (b) after the title. For example: Indian Paintbrush (b). For images that contain as the main subject landscapes, geology and patterns in nature place a (g) for “general” after the image title. For example: Grand Canyon (g). Doing the above will allow us to be sure that all images are properly sorted based on the image maker’s intent for the subject and its proper judging for year-end award possibilities. This is also important because some images may have content from more than one category so we want to know what the image maker’s intent is for judging his/her image.

      For example:
      1903 Dawn Swans (w).jpg – First image for member 903
      2903 MarshMargld (b).jpg – Second image for member 903

  • Please type your two filenames, each on a new line, in the body of your email. Attach – do not embed – the images to a regular email message and email to The subject line should contain something like “Images for October salon”.

Submissions which do not comply with the above requirements hinder file management and could be rejected or delayed entry to a salon until requirements are met.

*If you would like to be assigned a three-digit identification number, do not understand these requirements or require help to comply with them, please email your name and phone number to and someone will contact you.