2019 Image of the Year


  • Image of the Year
    Image of the Year
    Prairie Chickens in Snow: Joe Fierst
  • Wildlife Image of the Year
    Wildlife Image of the Year
    Great Grey in Flight: Paul Kammen
  • Portfolio of the Year
    Portfolio of the Year
    Alan Schulz
  • Wildlife: First Place
    Wildlife: First Place
    Bald Eagle Fishing: Joe Fierst
  • Wildlife: Second Place
    Wildlife: Second Place
    Great Blue Herons-Bad Hair Day: Don Specht
  • General: First Place
    General: First Place
    Frozen Cliffs: Michael Thompson
  • General: Second Place
    General: Second Place
    Frozen in Time: Patti Jones
  • Botany: First Place
    Botany: First Place
    Wild Geranium: Deanne Probst
  • Botany: Second Place
    Botany: Second Place
    Water Droplet Refracting Sunflower: Don Specht
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