MNPC Competitions

Club Competitions

MNPC constitution stipulates that all submitted images must comply with the PSA definition of nature photography.

Competitions are held most months and give members helpful evaluation and commentary on their nature images. Members may submit two images in each competition.

Competition judges comment on each image and score them on a scale of from 2 to 10 total points. Those images scoring 8, 9, or 10 points receive certificates and are accepted in to the annual salon held in December (digital images scoring a 10 will be featured on this site). Images not accepted may be resubmitted once, but accepted images (or similar images) may not be submitted again for club competition.

At the annual salon, images from the year are exhibited and Honorable Mention certificates, Image of the Year and Runner-up trophies are awarded in three areas:

Botany (wildflowers, ferns, fungi, moss, trees, etc.)
Zoology (mammals, birds, insects, reptiles, etc.)
General (scenics, abstracts, geology, etc.)

Single trophies are awarded for:

Wildlife Image of the Year
Image of the Year

Submission Requirements for MNPC Competitions

Members may submit a maximum of two digital images in each competition.

Requirements for Preparing and Submitting Digital Images

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