Programs for Club Year
September 2017 – May 2018

September 20, 2017 – Michelle Terrell, Night Sky Photography 
Have you wondered how to photograph the moon, the Milky Way or the Northern Lights? This presentation will cover equipment, camera settings and post-processing tips, as well as several phone apps she uses to plan and get productive shoots.

October 18, 2017 – Jim Gehrz, Telling the Story with the Shot” Jim is a longtime photojournalist who most recently was with the Star Tribune. He is an oft-decorated photojournalist, a Pulitzer image finalist and Best of Photojournalism Photographer of the Year. Learn more about Jim here. He’ll share his experience and tips to help us make images that communicate what we saw, convey how we felt, and tell the story we intended to share when we pressed the shutter.

 Here’s a bit of insight from Jim… “… And a still photograph that successfully communicates a story is still driven by the moment. Whether taken with a professional DSLR or an iPhone, the decisive moment remains the key. When you add in the other variables of strong composition, lens choice, depth-of-field, lighting, body language, expression, shutter speed, angle, mood and more…., that’s when a photograph can start to transcend the mere mechanical recording of time, and begin to touch a reader’s soul.”

Salon judge: Jim Gehrz

November 15, 2017 – Bryan Hansel, Bryan Hansel Photography: Filters for Outdoor Photography One of the most complicated and confusing subjects in photography is filters. Questions range from what filters to buy to what situations call for a filter. Bryan will answer those questions, present his ideal filter kit recommendations for outdoor photography, and teach us how, when and why to use filters. He’ll also talk about how he and Singh-Ray Filters are prototyping several new types of filters and discuss the prototyping process.

Salon judge: 
Mike Prokesh

Extra Learning OpportunityField Workshop with Bryan Hansel
For those interested in information about filters that Bryan will share at the Nov. 15 meeting, there is a possible, optional mini-workshop with Bryan either before the meeting or the following day. Cost is $60 per person.  He requires a minimum of four people for the mini workshop and a maximum of 12 people.

The four-hour field workshop will offer a hands-on approach to mastering the use of filters. Bryan will also help you refine your approach to composition using his method of organic composition focusing on the three essential parts of good composition: simplicity, flow and relationships.

If interested or if you have questions, contact Diane Herman at or 612-418-4682. We need to confirm and finalize the mini-workshop with Bryan by early October if there is enough interest.

December 20, 2017 – HOLIDAY SOCIAL and (new this year) learning presentation: John Pennoyer, MNPC member and instructorIt’s winter in Minnesota!

“Time to grab the camera and get outside!” says John Pennoyer. Winter is one of John’s favorite seasons in which to photograph. Join him for this short session on his techniques for photographing in a cold and snowy Minnesota winter. His presentation will cover how to protect our equipment, ourselves and the magic of light during Minnesota’s coldest months of the year.

Salon judge: John Pennoyer

January 17, 2018 – Bob Dunlap, DNR:  Minnesota Birds and Where to Find Them; also about the Natural Heritage Information System Bob Dunlap is a zoologist with the Minnesota DNR. Prior to joining its Minnesota Biological Service, Bob conducted various bird surveys and did monitoring work for the DNR with a focus on the grasslands of western Minnesota. (Learn more about Bob at here.)

When he’s not afield, Bob is part of the Natural Heritage Information Systems team that manages data on rare and significant species, native plant communities and other natural features in the state. Bob will tell us how we can get involved in this important work, too.

Salon judge: Mariann Cyr

February 21, 2018 – John Gregor, ColdSnap PhotographyDown East! Photography of the Maine and Newfoundland Coast

A well-known North Shore-based photographer and instructor, John will present recent work from Maine and Newfoundland. He’ll share how a Minnesota boy has adapted to photographing the Atlantic Ocean.

Salon judge: John Gregor

March 21, 2018 – David Bowman, Bowman StudioBeyond Nature Photography 
David Bowman’s commercial and fine art photo career has been fueled by an original interest in nature photography, and the desire to be outside with a camera. He’ll share his passion for his work and move us to broaden our thinking about how we approach our own.

Salon judge: David Bowman

April 18, 2018 – Sher Freebird, A Personal Look at Herons in Minnesota
 Sher has been a dedicated nature photographer for many years. She will share her knowledge of the courtship, nesting, raising of young, fishing, and fighting behaviors and other aspects of the lives of the Great Blue Heron, the Great Egret, the Green Heron, the Black Crowned Night Heron and even a glimpse of the illusive Least Bittern. Along with many wonderful photos, she will share stories that accompany her favorite shots and give some tips on photography the herons.

Salon judge: Sher Freebird

May 16, 2018 –  Title: Year End Awards Program.

Judge: TBD